Spring in St. Omergant


Narrator : After winter holiday was finished, in St. Omergant, eight grade. The lesson was begun. Mr. Garoll was screamed to make his students calm.

Mr. Garoll : Be quiet, please! Hey, keep silent! Please, be quiet! Hey you!

Danisa & Sean : (querlled.)

Mr. Garoll : Hey, stop! Stop! You just fight, fight, and fight! Where’s your moral?

Sean : On my feet, sir! Do you want to look it? (lift his feet up.)

Danisa : Are you crazy? I think the moral is in my knee.

Sean : Hah? What a stupid girl you are!

Danisa : I don’t think so. I think you are more stupid than me! As stupid as a donkey.

Sean : Oh, sure. (didn’t hear what Danisa said well.)

Danisa : Hahaha….,

Sean : Hah? What?

Danisa : What? (laugh again.)

Sean : Hahaha…., (laugh with Danisa.)

Claire : Excuse me, sir! Sorry I’m late. I’m new.

Mr. Garoll : (looking to his watch.)

Sean & Danisa : (whispered.)

Mr. Garoll : Oh, you are new. I’m already old. I’m Mr. Garoll, your teacher. My hobbies are sleeping, reading, bicycling, swimming, and so on. And I dislike with the lateness. You know what time is it? Don’t repeat again! If you repeat again, I will give you a punishment.

Claire : (hold a book and always read it.)

Mr. Garoll : Do you hear me?

Claire : (keep read book.)

Mr. Garoll : Do you hear me? Hey, I’m taking to you!

Claire : Hah?

Mr. Garoll : Urgh…, OK. Forget it. That’s not important. Now, sit down please!

Claire : (sit down, confuse with what happen.) What happen just now?

Danisa : You know, tomorrow is independent day. (laugh with Sean.)

Claire : Really?

Danisa : Hahaha…., (laugh loudly.)

Sean : Oh, How stupid you are.

Danisa : It’s so unbelievable, you know.

Sean : You are easy to believe.

Danisa : She is an ugly nerd.

Mr. Garoll : Now, keep silent everybody!

All : (quiet.)

Mr. Garoll : OK, we will hold choosing the leader. All students write a name on the piece of paper and put it in the box.

All : (write a name on a piece of paper and enter it in the box.)

Mr. Garoll : OK, let’s calculate the result! But, Claire come here.

Claire : (stand up and go to in front of class.) What’s the matter?

Mr. Garoll : Could you help me?

Claire : Oh, OK.

All : (calculate.)

Mr. Garoll : Ah, congratulation to Sean! You are the leader of this class.

Sean : Oh, thank you. Thank you. (with arrogant attitude.)

Mr. Garoll : OK, that’s all. See you! (go out from the class.)

Sean : Now, I’m you captain! You must obey me! (arrogantly.)


Narrator : The next day…,

Louise : (come, confuse.)

Claire & Danisa : Are you new?

Louise : Yes, I am.

Danisa : What’s your name?

Louise : My name is Louise. (sit.)

Claire : Where did you come from?

Louise : I’m from Spain.

Claire : Really? That’s cool!

Danisa : Nothing special.

Sean : (come.) Oh, hi. Are you new?

Louise : Yes, I am.

Sean : The ugly girl like you from Spain? Oh, My God. I can’t believe it.

Louise : (stand up, shock, angry.) Who are you?

Sean : I’m Sean. I’m captain here. (reached.)

Louise : (don’t care) hmph…..,

Sean : (reached over and hold Louise’s hand with coercion.) You must shake hand with me because I’m a captain here.

Louise : But, you must respect me first, stupid! (cast off her hand.)

Sean : I’m sorry! (shock.)

Louise : I accept your apologizing. (arrogantly.)

Sean : (will hit Louise.)

Claire : (suddenly came.) Hey stop! What’s going on?

Sean : She is contemptuous me!

Danisa : How brave you are.

Louise : I think he is proper to be treated like that!

Claire : I think so. One again, I think we must go from here now.

Louise : OK, Let’s go.,

Danisa : Mr. Garoll is coming, Mr. Garoll is coming, Mr. Garoll is coming, Mr. Garoll is coming (screaming and rounding the classroom.)

Mr. Garoll : What happen? Hey, Danis what are you doing? Why did you scream like a crazy girl? Sit down, please!

Danisa : Urrgh…., he is like a big looser.


Narrator : One day later…., Danisa was helped by Sean, They prepared traps for Mr. Garoll. They smear glue on the teacher’s chair and the other traps.

Sean : Get

Danisa : Ready!

Mr. Garoll : Hey, the leader for greeting only one leader, Danisa! Please, be quiet!

Sean : Get ready! Let’s pray together. Finish. Give greeting!

Danisa : Good

Claire : Morning

Louise : Sir!

Mr. Garoll : (try to stand up ut, he can’t.)

Sean : What happen, sir?

Mr. Garoll : Oh, no problem. I’m fine.

Danisa : (whispered.) He is a big liar!

Sean : Yeah! Actually, he is a looser too!

Danisa & Sean : (Laugh.)

Mr. Garoll : OK. Everybody, now, open you book an…nd (open drawer.) Arrgh….., sssss…., snake, a snake. Arrgh….., (take the snake and throw the snake to his student.)

Danisa : Hahaha…..,

Sean : (take the snake and throw it to Mr. Garoll.)

Danisa : Hahaha….., calm down Mr. Garoll it just a toy snake! Hahahaha…..,

All : Looser…., looser, double looser, whatever, class E, get the picture. Daa. (*sing.)

Mr. Garoll : (shock, sad, leaving.)


Narrator : Many funny and stupid events happened to Mr. Garoll. The teacher became a sarrifice and all of his students were the actor and actress. Till, one day Mr. Garoll was very, very angry. Then, he went out from the school.

Mr Garoll : I have been tired to manage all of you. Perhaps, it’s better if I lost my job than I have to teach you everyday. (with aloud voice.)

Student : Oh, OK.

Mr. Garoll : From this day, I won’t teach you again (leaving.)

Claire & Louise : (come, meet Mr. Garoll.) Hi, Mr. Garoll!

Mr. Garoll : (keep moving.)

Claire &Louise : Oh, bye Mr. Garol.


Narrator : In the next day…,

Claire & Louise : Where is Mr. Garoll?

Danisa : Why do you ask him? He is a looser!

Claire : Hey, keep your mouth!


Narrator : The new teacher come

Mr. Gorall : (come.) I’m Mr. Garoll’s brother. We’re twin. My name is Mr. Gorall!

Sean : Hahaha…., I never think that Mr. Garoll has bad looking brother like you.

Danisa : Wow, amazing! What miracle it is!

Mr. Gorall : Shut up! Keep your mouth! Now, do page 112-906 (one hundred twelve up to nine hundred six)

Danisa : Hah…?! (shock.)

Sean : Are you crazy?

Claire : What the hell!

Louise : Oh, My God.

Mr. Gorall : Don’t be protest! Let do it!


Narrator : Mostly student whose don’t do that task. And Sean sleep.

Mr. Gorall : Sean? Sean?! Have you finished? (hit satrio’s table.)

Sean : (startel, drop book which he hold, wake.) Hah?

Mr. Gorall : Push up 100 times.

Sean : (push up.) 100. Times. Already done, Sir!

Mr. Gorall : Push up again!

Sean : What?

Mr. Gorall : Now!


Narrator : Mr. Gorall teach them very hard. They can’t make trap for Mr. Gorall. He’s too frightened and smart. After one month, one day, the bell was ringing…, student prepare to go home. But, they aren’t go home. They are discussion a something.

Sean : I dislike Mr. Gorall!

Danisa : me too!

Louise : Yeah, He tortured us!

Claire : Yeah, I don’t want to be taught by him again!

Sean : Mr. Garoll is better than him.

Danisa : Yeah, I agree with you.

Louise : Me too.

Claire : I think so. Let’s go to Mr. Garoll’s house and apologize to him.


Narrator : In front of Mr. Garoll’s house.

Claire & Louise : Good afternoon…!

Danisa & Sean : Good afternoon….! Excuse me…, Hello?!


Narrator : A few minutes later…., Mr. Garoll open the door.

Mr. Garoll : What’s the matter? Why are you here?

All : I’m sorry Mr. Garoll! (act.)

Claire : We want Mr. Garoll back. We’re so sorry. Please forgive us!

Mr. Garoll : Hmmm….., How must it be, huh?!

Claire : Mr. Garoll, please! (sad expression.)

Louise : Please! I beg you! (sad expression.)

Mr. Garoll : Hmmmm….., (thinking.)

All : Please!

Mr. Garoll : (look at the students.) Hmmmm…..,

All : Please, please, please, please, please, please, please…..!

Mr. Garoll : Hmmm….., OK!

All : Yeah…!

~*The End*~

Spring in St. Omergant


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