English Camp at Tawangmangu

At the Monday 21st – 24th march 2011, we went to tawangmangu bus. We went there for English camp. And the went there with our teacher. And there were many experience that we had during on ther. We were very happy , we could meet with foureigner from brazil and jappanese. We did many lesson on there. There were many activity that we did. There were many activity during English camp.

The Activity during English Camp

On Tawangmangu, 21 – 24 march 2011


First day:


  • On the way to go to tawangmangu
  • Opening ceremony
  • Introducing our best friend
  • Best actor or actris favourite


Second day:


  • Making pizza
  • Doing gymnastic
  • Making group + yel-yel
  • Playing funny games
  • Making food to fish
  • Giving food to fish
  • Visiting rabbit livestock
  • Visiting bread bakery
  • Visiting organic vertilizer
  • Swimming in the waterboom
  • Planting paddies
  • Playing mud worse
  • Playing orong-orong
  • Bamboo romantic
  • Adventure in the river
  • Throught rope in front of agrowisata amanah
  • Making advertisement
  • Drama contest
  • Celebrating Cleo’s birthday


Third day:


  • Speech contest
  • Watching the movie
  • Singing contest
  • Making Columbian food and drink
  • Closing ceremony
  • Announcing the winner of singing contest, speech contest and drama contest
  • Giving present  for best smile


Fourth day:


  • Visiting Grojogan Sewu Waterfall
  • Visiting Kurnia Jaya for buying some souvenirs


We got new experience and we could learn about that. We won’t to forget about our activity that we had at tawangmangu

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