Sangkuriang and Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

Once upon a time, there lived happy family in Priangan Land. Father form the dog, his name is Tumang. Then, mother’s name is dayang sumbi and their child’s name is Sangkuriang.

On day, dayang sumbi asked her son to go to hunt the deer with his lovely dog. But, at the day Sangkuriang began desperate. Because he couldn’t find the deer for hunt.then, he tried to shoot his own dog. After that he took the dog’s liver and brought home.

Then, dayang sumbi understood it wasn’t deer’s liver but tumang’s liver. And she was  very angry and hit sangkuriang’s head. After that sangkuriang got wounded and went out from the house.

After many years, sangkuriang visited any place and he arrived in a village. He met with a beautiful woman and he fallin in love with her. When they were discussing their wedding plans, she looked at wound in Sangkuriang’s head. It matched to her son’s wound. And she felt in love with her own son.

She couldn’t marry him but how to say it. Then, she found the way. She needed a lake and a boat for celebrating their wedding day. Sangkuriang had to make them in one night. He built a lake. With a dawn just moment away and the boat was almost complete. Dayang Sumbi had to stop it. It made the cock crowed for a new day. Sangkuriang failed to marry her. He was very angry and kicked the boat. It felt over and became the mountain of Tangkuban Perahu Bandung.


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